jQuery Intellisense for Visual Studio 2010

Tags: jQuery

A friend of mine (Aslam Shareef) shared this with me and I felt like posting this as it proves quite useful while developing JavaScript libraries.

Now you can have jQuery intelli-sense in external JavaScript files. For example if you are writing a FOO.JS and will be including it in your page/master page/ ascx control, then you can simply do the following to have all your jQuery intellisense.

Note : This is for VS2010 out of the box. For VS2008 you might have to install some update (I am not aware of it at this point).

Simply drag-n-drop the jQuery library from Solution Explorer to the opened external JavaScript file.

The Intellisense should work now.

Please note that this line added by Visual Studio should be the VERY FIRST LINE in your file. You should not have even comments before this line.

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