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Have you ever wanted to get the pic on your PC/web as a wallpaper on your Android phone? If yes, this is something for you. With Pix2fone you can convert any image on your PC/web to android wallpaper size image depending on your handset model.


1. Log on to

2. Click on Create Phone Wallpaper button

3. Choose your Phone Manufacturer and then choose the Handset Model

4. Click From Computer or From Web depending on where the image is located and click on Browse or Provide the URL for the image

5. Once the processing is done, resize the image to select the image area to fit your handset and click Ok

6. You can download the image to your handset using following methods:

i. Visiting on your handset and entering the code provided

ii. Scanning the QR Code for the image from your handset if you have QR reader installed on your phone

iii. Receiving the link to the image through SMS


Pix2fone also has add-ons for web browsers which can be downloaded at the following locations:

Firefox -

Chrome -

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